Event Lighting

Event Lighting

Lighting is an essential element of any event, and our team can provide the perfect lighting solutions to set the mood and create a memorable experience for your guests. From simple uplighting to complex lighting designs, we can provide the perfect lighting solution to meet your needs. Here at Pixel 8 Productions, we offer a wide range of lighting options to suit your event needs, including stage lighting, uplighting, pin spotting, and more. Our experienced lighting designers will work with you to create a customised lighting plan that complements your event theme and enhances the overall ambiance.

Stage Lighting:

Our stage lighting options include front and back lighting, spotlights, and moving lights. Our team can create a dynamic lighting design that highlights the stage and draws attention to your speakers or performers.


Uplighting is a popular lighting technique that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere by placing lights on the ground and directing them upwards towards the walls or ceiling. We offer a variety of colour options to match your event theme, and our team can help you create a lighting design that complements your decor and sets the mood.

Pin Spotting:

Pin spotting is a technique that involves using narrow beam lights to highlight specific areas or objects, such as centerpieces or artwork. This technique can create a dramatic effect and draw attention to important details in your event space.

In addition to these options, we also offer custom lighting designs, gobos, and special effects to create a truly unique and memorable event. Our team will work with you to understand your event goals and create a lighting plan that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our lighting services and how we can help you create an unforgettable event.