Stage Production

Stage Production

Ever heard the phrase ‘without the performer, there is no show’ well … we here at Pixel 8 Productions see it as … ‘without the stage, there is no performance’. Our team love building stages, to put it simply, it’s one of our passions.

We are able to find staging equipment to fit your every need. We supply a variety of customers, from Corporate to Dance Schools to Music events both Indoors or Outdoors.

We stock everything from Prolyte stage components to Prolyte LiteDeck Staging all maintained to a high standard. We also hire in the Prolyte LD-SUM Modular Steps, Open and Fully Spoked LiteDeck Handrail, Screw Jacks, Rolling Riser Wheels, and Stage Bracing.

All of our staging engineers are fully trained to build the LiteDeck Stages fast and safely both indoors and outdoors. We can help you realise your dreams and advise you on the best layout, bracing, covering and lightening to accompany any stage we supply.

LiteDeck is the industry standard high quality, light weight staging system, designed to comply with latest codes of practice and design standards. It is fully compliant with the IStructE Temporary Demountable Structures Guidance on Design, Procurement and Use (Second Edition). When used in conjunction with leg frames and bracing, the stage can carry a load of 5kn/m2.

Provided as standard is our most popular finish, a durable 19mm plywood painted matt black connected (as with all tops) by a set of bolts which allow removal, maintenance and replacement over the life of the deck.

  • LiteDeck is easy and fast to move and handle, 20% lighter than rival Steeldeck, making it popular with crew and transporters.
  • The non-corroding aluminium frames and easily painted wooden tops mean even without skirting the stage looks great.
  • Should carpeting or skirting be required the wooden deck top allows for easy attachment and removal.
  • LiteDeck legs are based on standard scaffolding tube, making custom leg lengths easy and cost effective to supply, and adjustable with screw jacks.